Monday, 17 March 2008

Garden tour

Garden tour
I have been a little remiss with posting for the last week, but would like to invite you to a quick tour around the garden now.

The pocket handkerchief size of my blessed (fraction of an) acre is best seen from one of the bedroom windows. The little pond where the frogs continue to spawn is top right of the picture, beneath where the Autumn cherry is blossoming. It always does better in Spring. These frogs seem to have joined a silent monastic order, unlike the Pacific chorus frogs, mentioned here.

Same view from ground level- the daffodils are wearing their golden robes to great effect. One of the smaller ones is this little beauty, complete with a slug chew mark. They've started already.

I can't remember the variety.

These lovely purple crocus have opened in the last two days-they are still in the unspoiled stage. I do like crocuses, but wish they lasted a little longer. Such is the transience of beauty.

And in the summer perennials bed, where the fennel has started into growth, a tiny multi- headed jonquil type daffodil is just coming into flower.

A walk to the allotment, where the soil is very wet after the recent heavy rains, has produced a burst of rhubarb growth. Hooray, not long now until the first rhubarb crumble.

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